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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Cinemavino — The Rise of Star Wars

For this week's episode of Cinemavino, we discuss the upcoming Star Wars sequel, The Rise of Skywalker. Once again, Daniel Gimlin joins us for some ...
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Cinemavino — Raging Scorsese

For this episode, we bring in a special guest, Daniel Gimlin, to discuss Scorsese's Marvel comments, and talk about The ...
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Cinemavino — Squad Goals

For this week's Cinemavino, we watch Monster Squad! Sean Jordan, an expert on horror movies, stops by to share his ...
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Cinemavino -- Plan Nein

Cinemavino — Plan Nein

This time around, we screen Plan Nine from Outer Space and drink some delicious Bordeaux ...
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Cinemavino — El Camino

For this episode, we talk El Camino, and drink some delicious bubbly from New Mexico.   ...
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Cinemavino — A Hare’s Nightmare

So, yeah, the boys and I booze it up and watch Watership Down.  Discussion follows.  And probably therapy after that ...
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Cinemavino -- Those About to Rock

Cinemavino — Those About to Rock

This week, we screen an over-the-top 90s classic, The Rock.  We got cornball one-liners, frantic Michael Bay direction, and a wacky ...
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Cinemavino -- Los Amigos Barrachos

Cinemavino — Los Amigos Barrachos

Draw a movie, drink, and screen it.  This episode, the 80s classic Three Amigos is the lucky film ...
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Cinemavino -- Clichés for Days

Cinemavino — Clichés for Days

For this week's Cinemavino, we drink some delicious Cotê du Rhone red and talk about our favorite movie clichés.   ...
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Cinemavino -- Sex and Violins

Cinemavino — Sex and Violins

Do movies, video games, and television shows play a role in the rise of violence in our society?  We discuss, ...
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