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Cinemavino -- Clichés for Days

Cinemavino — Clichés for Days

For this week's Cinemavino, we drink some delicious Cotê du Rhone red and talk about our favorite movie clichés.   ...
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Cinemavino -- Sex and Violins

Cinemavino — Sex and Violins

Do movies, video games, and television shows play a role in the rise of violence in our society?  We discuss, ...
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Cinemavino -- The Raunch Launch

Cinemavino — The Raunch Launch

For this episode of Cinemavino, the gang talks about their first experience with a movie that was inappropriate in terms ...
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Cinemavino -- Get Down on the Letdown

Cinemavino — Get Down on the Letdown

This week, we discuss movies that had us pumped, only to subtract the wind from our sails by being incredibly ...
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Cinemavino -- Jeans and Genes

Cinemavino — Jeans and Genes

Earlier in our podcast life, Travis and I discussed our favorite guilty pleasure movies. Now that Taylor's on board, we ...
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Cinemavino -- Who Takes It?

Cinemavino — Who Takes It?

Take two of your favorite characters, real or not, and imagine them locked in combat.  Who wins?  That's the premise ...
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Cinemavino -- Whatever It Is, It Ain't Local

Cinemavino — Whatever It Is, It Ain’t Local

This week, we talk about our favor one-liners, whether they're cornball, obscure, or all the above.  We also drink some ...
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Cinemavino -- Bad Movie Rising

Cinemavino — Bad Movie Rising

On this week's Cinemavino, we take a look at the worst movies we've ever paid to endure.  We also drink ...
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Cinemavino -- Monstrous Ink

Cinemavino — Monstrous Ink

For this episode, we discuss Godzilla: King of the Monsters, monster movies in general, and our general fascination with disaster ...
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Cinemavino -- Mitch Scōggins

Cinemavino — Mitch Scōggins

For this episode, the boys and I drink some delicious wine and discuss our favorite movies about graduation and the ...
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